Our Beauty Services...

Here at Creatives Makeup Academy we now provide a range of beauty services from Beauty Courses, Facials and Eyebrow Treatments.


Beauty Courses...

If you are looking to start a career within the beauty industry or looking for a new means of income we now provide short beauty courses providing qualifications.

These courses will provide you with the new skills required to either take on a full time beauty career or part time alongside your other work.

We offer an Intensive Facial Course & Semi Permanent Lash Course.  


Intensive Facial Course

Our Intensive Facial Course covers:

- Basic Facials

- Dermaplaning

- Microdermabrasion

- Chemical Peels

This is a One Day Course at a price of £499.


Semi Permanent Lash Course

Our Semi Permanent Lash Course covers:

- Classic Lash

- Hybrid Lash

- Premade Russian Lash

This is a One Day Course at a price of £299 (Full Kit Included).


Eyebrow Treatment

Brow Treatment includes wax, tint and pluck for £10.


Facial Treatments

Basic Facial £15

Dermaplaning £20

Microdermabrasion £20

Chemical Peel £20

Dermaplaning + Chemical Peel £30

Microdermabrasion + Dermaplaning £30